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Residenz Museum


Picture: Antiquarium

This hall is the oldest room of the Residenz München. 66 metres long, it is the largest and most lavish Renaissance interior north of the Alps. Duke Albrecht V had it built from 1568 to 1571 for his collection of antique sculptures. These antiquities gave the room its name "Antiquarium".


Picture: Justitia, the allegory of justice

Justitia, the allegory of justice,
Peter Candid studio, around 1615/20

From 1581 to 1600 Albrecht V's successors, Duke Wilhelm V and his son Maximilian I, transformed the Antiquarium into a banqueting hall. They lowered the floor, erected a dais with a balustrade at one end and installed a fireplace.

The wall and ceiling paintings in the Antiquarium date from its remodelling as a banqueting hall. The 16 pictures along the top of the vault are the work of the Munich court painter Peter Candid and show allegories of Fame and Virtue in the form of seated female figures.


Picture: Antiquarium, window jambs

The vaults above the windows, and the window jambs, are decorated with 102 views of towns, markets and palaces in what was then the Duchy of Bavaria. They are surrounded by grotesques, a type of ornament derived from classical antiquity. The busts and other sculptures displayed in the Antiquarium include both original works of classical antiquity and Renaissance copies. Some formed part of Duke Albrecht's collection; others were added in the 17th and 18th centuries.


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